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Welcome to V3GGIE.com, the vegetarian search engine

Searching for Vegetarian specific information can be painful. Especially recipes and restaurants. How many times have you searched for "corn chowder" and weeded through pages of "clam chowder" recipes?

V3GGIE is a specialized search engine. It uses a large set of vegetarian and vegan oriented web sites as well as the vegetarian/vegan subsections of popular sites.

5 Vegetarian Search Engines in One!

V3GGIE includes 5 separate sections to give you the most appropriate information.
  • V3GGIE Search

    The basic search uses the entire vegetarian search index. You can find recipes, restaurants, and general information.

  • Vegetarian Local Search

    Find the perfect restaurant or grocery store. Local Search mixes the power of Yelp and Yahoo! Local with the specialized restaurant sites such as Happy Cow and Paris Vegetarian. For the best results, search for a topic and location, such as "Paris France pizza" or "92104 tofu breakfast".

  • Vegetarian Recipe Search

    The recipe search engine uses a large selection of vegetarian recipe web sites. The sources range from the vegetarian section of Epicurious (Gourmet and Bon Apetit magazines) to VegWeb.com and AllCreatures.org. This makes it much easier for you to find a great recipe.

  • News Search

    Yahoo! News powers this search. You can find all news articles, not just for vegetarian subjects.

  • Vegetarian Blog Search

    Find the pulse of the vegetarian blogging community with V3GGIE Blog Search. This search looks for blogs and blog posts that are tagged with either "vegetarian" or "vegan".

V3GGIE is an uber beta product by Ted Drake. Also try Paris Vegetarian for Paris restaurant reviews and information. Copyright 2009 - 2022